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Facts about Patent Attorney

Attorney patent advice is the smart way to go if you think you have the newest and next best invention. An attorney can look into writing and filing your patent, searching and evaluating, infringement, litigation, advice, searching for and filing for trademarks.

An patent search and evaluation is the first step that you need to take in your new invention. This is a search the attorney will do to confirm that your product is not already patented but not invented. After the search has been done and it has been determined that you have a unique idea, an evaluation will be done to confirm that the product is marketable. The attorney will provide a report for you in the findings as you can see from,21.htm.

Attorney patent writing and filing will occur next. There will be a fee involved for the lawyer and through the government patent office for securing your patent. Attorney patent information and advice will also be given when you file for a patent and are determined to move forward with your project. Listen to what your attorney has to say. Some of this advice can be very valuable.

Your attorney can also assist you in the future if you feel that someone has stolen your idea and you can consult with him to review the other product to see if it is a copy of yours. If so, then your attorney will file a suit against the other party.

You can also hire an attorney or an patent agency, like InventHelp, for trade marking something if you feel that you want full ownership of your business logo or a saying. If it is unique and you want to own it, you can. An attorney can run a search for you and see if the trademark exists and if it hasn’t been trademarked, then you can make it yours by paying and filing for a trademark.

The patent process is fairly simple with attorney. It is important to heed all advice on patenting information and trade marking from an attorney. If you are advised against something from your attorney, then it is of your best interest to listen to it, so you don’t end up in court against someone else with the same product that you have.

Avoiding a patent infringement lawsuit

In the quest for a patent, a company or individual typically retains an attorney to validate that there is not already in existence a pending patent of the same caliber. This is referred to as a clearance search. After the clearance search is complete, the patent infringement lawyer then offers his legal opinion to the status of the invention and then to the likelihood of the product being a threat of patent infringement. After these steps are completed, the inventor then files a patent application. Only after the patent application has been published can there be any threat of it.

Unintentional patent infringement is still prosecutable. However, only if willful patent infringement is determined can the jury then award the claimant up to three times the actual damages plus legal fees. Involuntary patent infringement does not allow for such high damages, however, damages for losses, estimated losses, or potential losses are a possibility along with the right to demand removal of the product from commercial venues.

Because it comes with such heavy consequences, it is typically agreed upon that attorneys or patenting agencies, such as InventHelp, are hired by the company at the onset of any new project. Attorneys are able to provide the valuable insight into latent law that can help a company determine whether or not to proceed with a particular project.

It is possible to purchase insurance, which protects the inventor in the event that they accidentally overstep laws. However, patent infringement insurance policies generally demand that the inventor or the inventor’s company confer with a patent infringement attorney prior to purchase of the policy.

In the event that the attorney ill advised the inventor, the insurance then protects the inventor and his company from financial devastation. Although patent infringement attorneys are well versed in law and the practices of avoiding a patent infringement lawsuit, they are still human beings and it is possible for an attorney to make an error.

Being able to invent something new and to improve the world in one form or another is really an amazing gift. Of course, everyone wants their just desserts when they produce something that no one else has thought of. Laws are there to help protect free enterprise and to encourage the continuation of developments and inventions. Intellectual property is one of the highest assets we as human being are blessed with, and it is always positive when it is applied in good turn. You can read more about it from too.

Foreign Patent Application

Filling a Foreign Patent

To obtain foreign patent rights, an application must be filed separately in each country. Patent law in each country differs therefore they will each require a different method when it comes to filing a patent.

If you are seeking to file patents in one or two countries filing in each country will be practical but if multiple applications are needed there is a treaty called the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) that will simplify the process. Filing individual patents may raise costs extremely high, the PCT streamlines this process by filing a single application that will allow you designate individual countries for patent protection. It is always better to hire a professional patenting agency, such as InventHelp, to help you out.

For example, if you would like patent protection in 5 European countries, you will be able to file a single PCT application. This will allow you to gain priority of the earlier US patent application filed date. A total of 30 months from the US patent filing date will be allotted to file a National Stage application in each country individually. This process allows you to defer time, in the meanwhile you can decide in which countries patent protection will be most beneficial and which will have your priority.

You might be asking yourself, when will be the best time to pursue filing a foreign patent. The best time to file a foreign patent application or a PCT, depending on the number of countries you will like to file in, should be within one year from the date of the original US filing date as you can see from this article as well. Your foreign application or PCT will gain the benefit of the earlier US filing date. Remember that you must file the PCT application no later than one year from the original US filing date.

Procedure for getting a Patent

A patent in the United States is granted by the Patent and Trademark Office and lasts for either 14 or 20 years from the moment of issuance depending on the type of patent involved. The decision to grant a patent is made after the patent examiner evaluates the application to determine whether it meets the standards of patentability.

The application is usually drafted by a patent attorney or a patenting agency, like InventHelp. The patent attorney must be admitted to practice before the Patent Office. Attorney have to go to school after law school and pass the Patent examine before they can practice before they can practice patent law.

The patent attorney’s special technical expertise is need to draft the patent application and to guide its prosecution through the administrative procedures. The administrative procedures can be long, complicated, and expensive.

The patent application consists of three parts: (1) the claims; (2) the drawings; and (3) the specification. The numbered claims, found at the end of the patent document, determine the scope of the patent and are critical in deciding whether the patent has been infringed upon or not after it has been granted.

The patent application also includes a specification and drawings showing the preferred embodiment of the invention and the disclosure of the best means of practicing and/or using it as explained in

The administrative process leading to issuance of the patent, as earlier eluded to, can take years and thousands of dollars in legal fees. Thus, a patent should be sought only after careful consideration of the chances for success in its issuance and its eventually validity if challenged in a court of law.

Why Patent Your Invention

Many people have great ideas but very few of them act on it. Sitting in your head is probably the next great invention. But if you are not going to do anything about it, it will remain an idea. That is, until somebody comes up with the same idea and acts upon it.

How would you feel if you see your idea in TV one day, knowing that the one who patented and developed it is making lots of money already? Surely, you will feel a deep sense of regret. A feeling that you could have avoided if you only patented the idea first. So why patent your invention? The first and probably the most important reason is to avoid having regrets in the future. There are a lot of reasons, and you can read about them on

Some people do not just have ideas, they actually have prototypes already. But because of a myriad of excuses and a good dose of procrastination, they do not patent their creation. They just let it sit on their working tables waiting for whatever. Then there are some people who don’t patent their inventions because they think that the process will cause them a lot of time and money.

While it is true that patenting an invention requires an investment of both money and time, it is all worth it. And contrary to popular beliefs, patenting an invention does not cost an arm and a leg. Most of the time, it only gets expensive because people do not have the right information about patenting an invention. Some hire lawyers to patent their inventions for them. Of course, we all know that legal fees can be quite expensive. But there are ways to cut the fees and save money.

So why patent your invention? Ultimately, it is about protecting your yourself both financially and, most importantly, personally. You deserve to be compensated for your ideas. You need to be rewarded for your efforts. If you will not patent your invention, you will simply waste everything. Do not let this happen. Don’t you want to leave a personal legacy to this world? Don’t you want your children and your children’s children to be proud of you for creating something that benefits the world. Keep in mind that if you will not act on your ideas, someone else will and he will reap all the benefits that should be yours in the first place as explained on

Why patent your invention? The real question is, why not? It is so easy to patent an invention as long as you have the right information. So there really is no reason not to patent your invention. There are people who can help you go through the process of patenting your invention. People who can give you valuable advice regarding your creation.

Favorite Web Hosting Control Panel

Web Hosting

Cpanel is basically software used for web hosting which helps in simplifying the procedure of web hosting. The following are the reasons why it is considered as a favorite:

User friendly

It is very easy to use and it makes the task of web hosting a lot easier for the owner of the website. When one logs on to Cpanel, they will be amazed as to how simple it is to navigate through the menus and control buttons. The main page is fresh with organized functions and is devoid of menus with HTML codes. One can choose how to manage any part of their server like website’s stats and logs, emails, databases, domains and security from the main page itself. It is apt for beginners, as they do not really need to know so much about the web hosting to create a excellent site. Only the basic knowledge is needed.

Available online tutorials

If anyone is facing difficulties with the Cpanel or needs solution to problems they can easily get access to the videos these tutorials provide to teach the procedure to use the software. It is highly spontaneous as the hassle of contacting the staff or the assistant of the web-hosting site is relieved. The video tutorials provide a lot of information and details they provide a systematic teaching method to use the software and turn an amateur to a pro in no time! Right from managing MySQL databases to auto forwarding ones emails is easily available on the homepage and can be learnt easily through the videos the tutorials provide. If someone is not satisfied with the video tutorials, they can definitely contact the staff of their web-hosting provider in Malaysia.

Web Hosting

Up- to-date and versatile

The ability to manage all types of websites through the web hosting control is one of the things about the Cpanel. It goes well with the add on soft wares like the auto installers (for e.g. Softaculous and Fantastico) who make the start to a website a lot simple. There is no need for installation, unpacking and manual download of the web applications into their servers anymore. If someone wants to start a blog, he can easily install WordPress. In addition, if one wishes to start a bulletin board then PhpBB is to be installed and these applications can easily be updated in Cpanel without installing them manually. There is no fear of losing important data, as a backup of these files will be regularly updated.

Reliable and Secure

Due to the latest advance in technologies in web security, Cpanel can help a great deal in keeping the server secure. It is protected from virus scanners and viruses allowing the owner of the website to scan their emails. This software also provides detection of rootkit and multiple tools like GnuPG keys to lock their server protecting it against “seasurf” (XSRF). It is highly reliable, as any failed service of the server would be restarted instantly.

You are in control

If one is an expert in the web hosting process then Cpanel gives them the full authority to control their own server. There are many versions to choose from like PHP AND Apache. One can disable any aspect for particular users of the server, secure portions of the website with a password or can deny IP addresses creating a hindrance. For taking charge of ones own development, PHP PEAR packages and RoR applications through Cpanel should be installed. Cpanel is a powerful tool for new website owners and also for experienced professionals and web developers.

Most web hosting Malaysia companies offer Cpanel to their users. So go find your hosting company, sign up, buy hosting and they will provide you with your Cpanel access. Log in Cpanel and choose your CMS and start building your website.

Patent Invention

A U.S. Patent may be granted for any useful, new and non-obvious product or process. Although this appears to be a pretty big hurdle, even improvements to current inventions or technologies may be patentable. In fact, a complex device or method may result in multiple U.S. Patents. A Registered Patent Attorney or a professional patent agency, such as InventHelp, can help you identify the patentable components of your idea or invention.

Types of Patent Applications

Once a patent application is filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), the Inventor can mark the invention “patent pending.” The term “patent pending” notifies the public that the Inventor is seeking patent protection on the invention and a patent may soon issue.

The following are the different types of patent applications:

A Provisional Patent Application does not issue as a U.S. Patent itself. However a Provisional Patent Application provides the Inventor a priority date and a 1 year grace period to file a Utility Patent Application and/or a PCT International Patent Application. Although Provisional Patent Applications do not require many of the formalities as a Utility Patent Application (and can therefore be less expensive) a Provisional Patent Application should comply with the written description requirement including best mode. A Provisional Patent Application does not effect the term of a resulting issued U.S. Patent.

A PCT Patent Application is also commonly referred to as an International Patent Application. A PCT Patent Application never issues as a Patent itself. The PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) provides a centralized method for filing a patent application throughout most of the industrialized world (excluding Taiwan). Importantly, the patent application eventually must enter the national stage of each desired country. Currently there are about 181 Member States (countries) that belong to the PCT. You can find more info on this on article too.

A U.S. National Stage Patent Application is a U.S. national patent application that originates from a PCT Application designating the U.S. in the Request. A National Stage application issues as a U.S. Patent.

Information Disclosure Statements

While the patent application is pending, the Inventor has the duty to provide all known references that may affect patentability of the invention to the patent examiner. References are submitted in the form of an Information Disclosure Statement (IDS). Frequently, the results of a patent search are provided as the IDS. The patent examiner considers the IDS during examination. There seems to be a trend when litigating patents to evaluate whether an Inventor fulfilled the duty to disclose appropriate references. Litigators have recently been arguing Inventors conducted fraud to obtain the issued patent.

Helping inventors protect their ideas

To obtain legally binding invention protection, you need a patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (PTO). A patent provides both invention and intellectual property protection. The length and requirements of patent applications are determined by the type of patent.

Design patents require a descriptive title, an optional description, one claim (the patented design), and drawings showing the object from all possible angles, with appropriate descriptions. Plant patents require a title, specification (description of characteristics, related plants, and proof of asexual production) one claim, and two color depictions.

More complicated are utility patents, which require several sections of great length, including a discussion of prior art (previous patents), the object and advantages of your invention, drawings, a detailed description of the invention, and legal claims of its attributes. The claims, in particular, are difficult to write without a patent attorney or a patenting agency, such as InventHelp, as they must be worded in specific legal jargon. It’s possible to have a perfectly good patent rejected simply due to application mistakes.

It is also possible for an approved patent to become essentially useless. This can happen if a thorough description is not given, making it easy for competitors get around the patent’s specifications and steal your idea. To ensure adequate protection, it’s recommended that you hire a patent attorney to write your application.

So, when patenting your product, how do you go about finding the right patent lawyer or patent agency? Selecting one at random means risking a rejected application. Instead, seek an attorney or an agency with solid experience and references, and a high success rate of patenting inventions such as InventHelp. Patent professionals can help.

The Competitive VS. Creative Mind

Athletic training is built on repetition. A coach will run a play over and over to bring about muscle memory. Athletic drive is built on competitive motivation. The senior beats out the sophomore for a first string position. The coach uses this competition to increase a level of performance, one athlete against another.

Creating peak performance with drills and working one man against another. This process has been used ever since organized sports began. All of this work is external. The coach creates the work out, the plays, the artificial competition.

So what makes one athlete reach the highest level of performance, going beyond the need for external motivation. Why can a gymnast reach the Olympics at age 15 and have nerves of steel, nail four routines to win the All-around title. How can a young swimmer dive into the pool and come out a Gold medalist, when older more experienced athletes are competing for the same prize.

Where is the difference and can this be taught?

Many trainers would believe that the need to push the competitive mind is the answer. But some would differ in this thought and suggest the difference is the creative mind. When an athlete talks about dreaming of going to the Olympics from the early age of 4 or a basketball player talks about practicing that final shot to win the game day after day, for years the creative mind is engaged.

Bringing into play the imagination for an athlete brings back emotion. When emotion is present in a work out, time goes by quicker and results come faster. Having fun can bring about the results which bring about gold medals and championships.

The “will” allows for a burning desire to reach for bigger results. Will power is a short burst of focus. The “will” is the ability to focus on the big picture. In the Karate Kid, Mr Miyagi, understood the overall goal and the value of each work project Daniel was given. Daniel, however, had no idea what was going on from day to day, rather thought there was a punishment behind each activity.

Sharing the big picture with an athlete is important in gaining trust and commitment. Blind faith is fine, when walking into the unknown, but sports training, both mental and physical can be laid out in a sequence for everyone involved.

Mental coaching is a skill which is best offered as a process which can lead to clear action. This can create what we call, “being in the zone, and shouldn’t be dependent upon chance or bio-rhythms and any other happenstance.

Train the mind to be calm, to be experienced, and open to new challenges and a better athlete will show up as a better person.