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Protect the invention for early commercialization

One thing that all inventors should realize is that when applying for a patent with the United States Patent and Trademark Office or USPTO is that it is not an easy process. In fact, the USPTO recommends hiring registered patent attorney to draft your patent application and to help you respond to communications from the USPTO on your application.

Innovative thinking can lead to products that create a new market or niche segment. There are many techniques to come up with new business ideas by improving existing products. You can periodically screen your products and comparing them with competitors’ products, with an eye toward improving attributes of products, combining the features/benefits of several separate products into a single new product.

Once you come up with great ideas, you need to prototype the concept. You can design your prototype using hand tools or CAD tools. If you use CAD software, you can use rapid prototyping tools to fabricate the prototype. There are also professional agencies you can hire for invention help and patenting your idea.

To provide exclusivity to your new idea, you should consider using intellectual property protection, typically through patenting. However, other forms of protection such as trademark, copyright and trade secret should be considered as well.

Also, if your invention is “in use” or “on sale” in the United States during the 12 month provisional-application pendency period and if you miss the the 12 month deadline to file a corresponding non-provisional application, you may lose the right to ever patent the invention due to your own use or sale of the invention.

Proper provisional applications take as much efforts as utility applications. Incorrectly prepared provisional applications may provide inventors with a false sense of security and may cause problems if inventors rely on incorrectly prepared provisional applications in publicly disclosing their inventions. To ensure that your patent application is properly drafted, a patent attorney or a patent agency, like InventHelp, should be hired to conduct the drafting.

The Invention Process

If you have a creative idea and you believe it could become a helpful, usable innovate and financially rewarding invention how do you get started?

First thing would be put your idea down on paper so you have a rough blueprint of your idea. Do not disclose your idea to anyone until you have seen a Patent Attorney or a Patent agency.

You may say a Patent Attorney is too expensive

However an initial consultation with a Patent Attorney will only take 30 minutes, most Patent Attorney’s will give you 30 minutes free so 30 minutes of your time with a Patent Attorney is little cost to find out whether your idea is patentable, or a registered design may be the answer depending on your idea. The Patent Attorney or a Patenting agency, such as InventHelp, will advise you how the system works.

The next thing you need is a non disclosure agreement

If you go with a Patent Attorney they will provide you with everything you need.

Why do you need a non disclosure agreement: – you need to keep your invention a secret until you have registered your provisional application for a Patent of your invention or you have made application and received a Registered Design both of these give you a priority date. A priority date is the date you will receive protection from if your Patent or Design Patent, Trademark is successful. Then with a non disclosure agreement you can divulge information to a prototype company.

You will need to have a prototype of your idea

Many inventors can make or fabricate their own prototype; it can be improvised so that it gets the idea over to whoever you want to show it to, so you can have a professional prototype designed from it for those skilled in the trade of making a finished marketable product.

If you cannot make a prototype of your idea there are companies that specialize in building or fabricating prototypes in virtually any material, metal, plastic etc. Some of these will be listed on The Inventors Showcase.

Once you have your Prototype

You have started your intellectual property protection and you have a non disclosure agreement you can now start the process of finding a manufacturer, a licensee (someone who makes your product under license) a marketer or sell your invention as you can see from this post on

Patent Protection Relies on Advice From Specialist IP Lawyers

People who are trying to steal your business idea can infringe a patent in several ways. However, if you have your patent drafted by specialist IP lawyers, you are more likely to be able to defend against this theft successfully.

If you invent or develop a new service, concept or product, it is vitally important to take steps to protect it. And the importance of taking intellectual property advice cannot be over-estimated, as professionally qualified IP Lawyers or an Patent Agency, such as InventHelp, will return the investment in their advice many times over.

Adequate protection will ensure that you can exploit the financial opened up by your development, and prevent others piggybacking on your success. If you’ve developed some potentially great ideas, patenting might be the best way that you can protect them – a patent that has been properly registered will protect you from many forms of infringement.

One way in which a patent can be infringed is by deliberate copying, or by developing something that is an extremely close approximation of the patented product. If the latter, it could be that the copying company has been advised that the original patent is not sufficiently strong to mount a strong defence in court, in other words that it was not well drafted.

If the situation is one where several features of the product have been copied, then there is a strong argument for infringement, and so the matter may well be settled over a discussion about whether the patent claims themselves are valid. Alternatively, there may be an attempt cover up the evidence of infringement, despite there being a close copy; this could happen if some of the material relevant to the patent becomes known during business negotiations.

In particular, if a patented product or process has obvious commercial benefits, then it will be in the commercial interest of less than scrupulous business people to work around the patent and develop something similar that achieves the same end. This area in particular gives rise to the most litigation, as expert IP Lawyers argue about whether there is an infringement or not.

Finally, there is a situation that sometimes arises, of accidental infringement. The old adage of “there’s no such thing as an original idea” may come into play here, as many people with a newly patented product will naturally start looking out in their market sector, to see whether there is any rival product that could be claimed to be infringing on their patented product, service or method.

If the patented method is solving a common problem – and tapping a lucrative market sector – then it is all the more likely that more than one company is working on the same problem at the same time; and their results could have used the same chemistry of physics. And while the solution may look very similar, it is always possible that it was reached by a very different route. Read more about patenting an idea from too.

Internet Business Consultants

Trying to find a talented person to get your website to the top of the search engines can be hard. A talented SEO consultant with search engine optimization experience is needed to perform the job properly.

Well to start, lets help you understand what SEO is. SEO stands for search engine optimization. This is the art of getting web sites to the top of the search engine rankings through hard work and in-depth knowledge. A SEO consultant is simply someone that works closely with yourself or your company to help you gain those results that you are needing.

Everyone wants visitors to their website, however it is easier said than done. Many SEO consultants have been in the industry for over 5 or 10 years and they are constantly learning. Taking on an optimization campaign by yourself without professional advice isn’t always the best idea; when you can hire someone to save you time and improve your results.

The simple fact is that search engines are mysterious to most people on the internet. Understanding how to take a site and put it to the top of the search engines is not as easy as it seems. You can’t just build a site and submit it to the top search engines. The search engines have a desire to find out whether or not you are a relevant source of information for your main topics.

Business consultants, such as Gabriel Bryan, focus hard on optimizing your website’s content, and then they pay a lot of attention to gaining quality links to your web site. The reason they must grab these links and point them to your website is because the search engines require this to confirm that you are a relevant source of information regarding your website’s topic. Finding a good business SEO consultant is not too hard, because people competing for the top search rankings under the term seo consultant are obviously talented at grabbing those top spots.

Our recommendation goes to Gabriel Bryan. He is a well known business consultant who has helped many business grow and make many times more revenue than they used to. So if you want your business to grow, you should hire Gabriel Bryan business consultant to take carer of your business too. You can read more about him from this Gabriel Bryan bio.

Don’t just contact one company and make a decision, do some comparison research to determine the best place to work with. There are a lot of companies out there that all have unique talents. Some talents may work better for your industry. I am almost positive that after a little research you will find a company that is well rounded and understands the needs that your individual company faces.

In conclusion, search around and be a savvy shopper, because your website’s traffic depends on it. Selecting any random seo consultant to handle your site could result in a lot of wasted money and valuable time. Hopefully this write up helped you to succeed on line.

Finding and Choosing an Intellectual Property Patent Lawyer

As the owner of an intellectual property or as an inventor, you have the technical and scientific knowledge behind it. On the other hand, you need to be legally identified as the owner or inventor in case disputes arise. This involves filing a patent application.

In order to file an application, you need to be familiar with the rules of the process. You can certainly prepare your own patent applications and file them. You can also conduct your own proceedings with regards the application. However, having specialist knowledge will certainly be beneficial for you. As such, you should consider hiring intellectual property lawyers.

Since they have the knowledge of the law and the rules that are applicable to patents, it is easier for them to achieve a successful result on your behalf. If you try to do it on your own, there is always a risk that you will not be successful. Even if you get a patent, you may realize only later that the patent does not provide adequate protection against your invention.

Of course, you need to know how you can hire the best possible patent lawyer. After all, the quality of the patent is dependent on the lawyer responsible for it.

Always Choose Registered Patent Lawyers

When you are planning to hire an intellectual property lawyer, you should always check if they are registered by the appropriate government agency. Lawyers who are not registered to this agency will not be permitted to act as your representatives when your patent application goes under consideration.

Of course, the lawyer must fulfill a number of criteria before they are allowed to be registered under the government agency. This is actually beneficial for you as you can rest assured that you will be getting a quality lawyer to represent you.

At the same time, there are other factors to take into consideration when you are looking for patent lawyers. Some of them are as follows.

  • Check the Background

When you are searching for intellectual property lawyers Sydney, it is a good idea to check their background. Going for a lawyer with an engineering background will be beneficial for you. After all, engineering skills might be necessary to understand the invention better. With a better understanding, they will be able to create a better patent document.

In fact, it is not just about engineering. You will have to make sure that the background of the layer is related to the field of the invention. This way, it becomes easier for the lawyer to understand what the patent is about. In turn, they will be able to present your invention in the best possible manner during the application process.

  • Check the Experience

Of course, the experience of the lawyer is an important factor that must be taken into consideration. Typically, the lawyer should have been active in the field of patent and intellectual property law for a number of years. You can also ask them about the number of patents that they have drafted to get an idea of their skills.

You may even ask them about the inventions they have patented to check if they have handled any inventions similar to yours. If they have successfully patented similar kinds of inventions, it stands to reason that they will help get your patent passed as well.

  • Ask for the Quote

This is often the deal breaker but it is necessary nonetheless. The lawyer must be able to provide you a quote for the potential bill that will be incurred. Of course, they must inspect the invention first to do so.

Once you do get good intellectual property lawyers, you can breathe a little easy knowing that your invention is closer to getting patented. The lawyer should also be capable of defending your invention when the times come.

Procedure of Choosing a Patent Attorney

The professional expertise and technical skill sets of the patent attorneys are the most vital part of the invention process. It is an obvious matter of fact that the quality of the patent will be solely determined by the abilities of the attorney drafting the same. Therefore, care should be taken to hire the right professional for the right job.

Always try to hire a patent attorney from an engineering background as both the skills are required for construction of good informative document. Select a professional whose subject of expertise matches with your field of invention. Mainly there are four core streams of engineering covering mechanical, computer, chemical and electrical.

Speak in details with the attorney and know about his work experience, past track record and achievements to get a clear idea of the level of competency of the individual. Think of hiring only those professionals who are capable of presenting you an overall quote of the expected expenses prior to starting the job.

Interview a good number of candidates and select the ones you feel is suitable for the profile. Always try to opt for people who are willing to learn, dynamic and you feel would be capable of understanding your invention. The charges for a properly drafted patent ranges between $3000-10000. Therefore, anything that is lesser or higher than the stipulated limit should be properly scrutinized.

Never involve any salesperson or any third party in the recruitment process. Try to manage the job single handedly. At the same time, try to gather a working knowledge on the subject to work better with the attorney.