Canvas Handbags

Canvas and Calico handbags have become very popular in recent years. Made of canvas fabric, the canvas handbag is popular among the eco-minded and the fashionistas mainly because it is more Earth-friendly.

One thing that gives canvas bags an advantage among ladies is that it is very easy to clean. A pack of alcohol-free baby wipes is all you need to wipe off small dirt and or goo from the bag. Canvas handbags can also be washed if the dirt is quite hard to wipe off. It can go for a spin in the washing machine without any damage. You can also opt for a little soap and water to clean your canvas bag if you’re worried about the color fading.

Canvas or Calico handbags are also very convenient to use. The bigger ones, called messenger canvas bags can also double as a book bag or as a diaper bag. Using this kind of bag is a great way to be effective and fashionable at the same time. Plus, you don’t have to fuss about with your purse all the time because messenger bags conveniently hang around your body.

For the sportier type, กระเป๋าผ้าดิบ are also available in the market. It can be used to stuff gym clothes, and it’s great for travelling too. This type of bag is truly reliable, as proven by the many people who often use it.

If you’re not comfortable using huge bags, then you ought to choose canvas tote handbags. Just the right size, canvas tote bags are popular among students. Books can easily fit inside, plus it’s very easy to customize. You can easily use patches, fabric paint, markers or iron-on transfers to give your bag a personal touch.

Canvas grocery bags are also becoming very popular. Although not all places have adopted it, most groceries are now offering free canvas grocery bags to their customers. Switching from plastic bags to canvas grocery bags is a small change with big benefits. We will all end up being winners if we are more aware of our environment, and switching to canvas grocery bags is one way of going in that direction.

It may be surprising to know that canvas; a fairly strong material can be used for things such as a canvas purse. It has become popular only recently, but let’s hope that this fascination for canvas bags will stay.


Hello everyone!

What’s worse than having a fur coat in your closets that you love… but smells bad? A beautiful fur coat that satisfies your pleasure of touch and sight, certainly, but not the pleasure of smell!What’s worse than having a fur coat in your closets that you love…

And the article of the day is precisely devoted to this nightmare of the nostrils: how to deodorize a fur coat?

All fur coats are more or less equal to odors, be it rabbit, mink, fox, chinchilla, sable, coyote… I put aside the case of synthetic fur, since it is washable, and so it is not concerned with the problem.

We will see what solutions exist to fight against the different unpleasant smells on your fur coats, but just before that, I must warn you that the bad smell is a consequence… I invite you to take the opportunity to find the cause because in such case, it can be synonymous with a fur that is being damaged.

To identify the different families of bad smells that we can meet on the fur:

  • Musty smell
  • Odor of dust
  • The smell of mold, moisture
  • Smell of perfume
  • The smell of “wet dog”
  • Odor of perspiration
  • Smell of tobacco

First… the causes

Each of these bad smells is a particular evil, as I told you above. Let’s face these consequences, the most probable causes:


Musty smell, musty, damp

The fur has been locked up for too long in a confined space, and it has probably absorbed moisture (we do not realize it, but it is not enough, it is not obligatory to live at equatorial latitudes for that it happens…). If the moisture could not be removed by ventilating the fur, then the leather acts as a sponge and molds grow.


Odor of dust

We do not particularly realize it, but the air of our houses is full of tiny particles, and this dust just waiting to be deposited everywhere, and, therefore … on your furs. If they are never ventilated, aired or shaken… You have won a beautiful dust nest instead of this beautiful mink coat or this pretty fox vest.


Smell of perfume

If it’s your scent and you do not mind, nothing serious. If on the other hand, this perfume is that of another person, it may be annoying. The fur have the particularity to retain perfume very well and to impregnate very easily. At first, it can be very nice, but some “change” over time and leave only a very unpleasant odor. If you bought used fur and it’s not your perfume, it’s downright unpleasant…


The smell of “wet dog”

Here we are a bit in the same problem as the smell of moisture, but much worse! The fur was wet, probably to the leather, and it dried badly, creating this particular unpleasant wet dog smell. This is amplified by the fact that the fur is of the animal source, so it takes little for these famous animal origins back to your nostrils.


 Odor of perspiration

If the wearer or carrier has neglected to wear deodorant, or if she has spent the night in this fur, there is a great risk of marking the lining of a terrible smell of sweat. If you are the culprit, there is little risk that you realize it, often one does not identify its own smell of perspiration… By cons if it is the smell of another person, the damage caused to the fur is terrible and really unbearable, personally, I think it’s the worst smell!


Smell of tobacco

A little in the same logic as the perfume, the fur was exposed to cigarette smoke. This smell is very stubborn and is naturally noticed by nonsmokers. So today it is not uncommon to see the mention “non-smoking house” on fur classifieds, as well as cars or houses for sale!

How to Wear a Denim Shirt

A Denim shirt is an underrated timeless classic. Just like denim jeans, it is extremely versatile. There is simply so much that you can do with it. You can dress it up, dress it down, layer it or wear it unbuttoned to create your own unique sense of style. The possibilities with a shirt are practically endless. This is all the more reason for you to introduce the charm of a denim shirt into your style.

The denim shirt gained quite the negative reputation all through the 90s because it was predominantly worn by middle-aged men. A lot of fashion experts in the fraternity look down upon the shirt as something that is worn by unfashionable fathers. Fortunately that time has passed and now it has become quite a fashionable apparel that can bring a heightened sense of style to your attire. There are so many varieties of Denim styling for men that you can explore from this men’s denim blog but the following are some great ways to wear the Denim shirt effectively.

Super Casual: A faded denim shirt can be worn with a simple solid colour t-shirt for a simple yet effective look. Try wearing a blue denim shirt with a black t-shirt and well fitted black denim jeans. This is the look of a man who knows what it is like to wear a shirt well. This is a great look for a day out at the club that has no dress code. It is comfortable, good looking and dapper without having to try too hard.

Full Tuck: Bet you have been told before that denim has no place in a wardrobe that is meant for smart dressing. Denim started as a workwear but this doesn’t mean that you can’t dress it up on occasions. Pair your denim shirt with something neat and tidy like chino trousers in Khaki or beige colour. Compliment this by tucking your shirt in, rolling up the sleeves. Complete this look with a leather belt and brogue shoes that match the colour of your belt. The interesting details of a denim shirt and the smart looks of the lower part of your attire are guaranteed to turn some heads.

Suit Up: Fashion is all about pushing the envelope. There is nothing more rebellious than introducing denim into a suited-up look. Try incorporating a blue denim shirt into your formal attire. Wear it with a pair of dapper looking tailored trousers and a suit jacket that accentuates the colour of your trousers. A woollen suit jacket matches the rugged nature of a shirt and completes the unconventional charm of this look, with eloquence. Spice it up with brogue shoes and a tie that goes well with the colour of your suit jacket and you will be instantly noticed for being the man who has the guts to do something different. This is an attribute that is much appreciated in today’s era.

Beached Up: Speaking of pushing the boundaries of style, this summer when you are out at the beach try bringing denim into the equation. Find yourself the thinnest and the most comfortable denim shirt you can get your hands on. Pair this with Khaki shorts and sandals, roll up the sleeves of your shirt and rock this look with a pair of sunglasses. This is a look that you will not regre