Online or Offline CryptoCurrency Portfolio Tracker

Device Compatibility

First, make sure that the CryptoCurrency Portfolio Tracker you decide on is compatible with the device you will be installing it on. Some packages will require a lot of cpu, a lot of RAM, and very high speed Internet Access. If you don’t have any of those you could end up being frustrated with the performance of the software when the problem could be the device it’s installed on.


Make sure you test or at least review the specifications for the software before you put down a good chunk of money for it. The frustrations of having to deal with this can be daunting. There is a different option as far as these software go.

You can go with an online package.


The main advantage of this is that you don’t have to worry about what device to install it on. Just what computer to access it from. This is a great advantage as it allows you more flexibility to use the package and you don’t have to worry about anything other than what options the package offers.


There are some disadvantages to an online package. The main one is that if for whatever reason you don’t have access to the server where the package is available from, for whatever reason, you won’t be able to use it. This is not very common but does happen.

Another disadvantage is the price. Typically, although I can’t understand why, these packages tend to be a little more expensive. This may be because of all the infrastructure that’s required to maintain it at the vendor’s locations.

Install CryptoCurrency Portfolio Tracker on your device

Well, the downloadable version of CryptoCurrency Portfolio Tracker called the Crypto Tracker is far more reliable as it is always available for you to use it, it is installed on your device and the tracking is far more accurate and works much better than the online versions. The price is very affordable too.

Whichever platform you select, make sure you are comfortable using it. This will make your trading life a lot smoother. And, don’t forget, you aren’t married to the package. You can always give it up and consider the experience a learning step.

In the Final Analysis

Finally, no matter what package you select, it won’t do you much good if you haven’t learned the basics of cryptocurrency investing. The package is going to rely on you to get it’s instructions.

Online commodity trading

There are no other financial markets anywhere, that require such a deep and detailed knowledge across a broad spectrum of issues, from global weather patterns, supply and demand issues, currency fluctuations, government policies, economic outlook, and environmental issues. All of these, and many more besides, will have an impact on the commodity you trade, and commodities prices in general, and the depth of your knowledge will largely dictate whether you are ultimately successful in online commodities trading.

This is not a market or sector that you simply open an account with an online commodity broker and begin trading – there are simply too many factors at play, particularly when we begin to look at the so called ‘soft commodities’ from the agricultural sector such as wheat and corn. To forecast the futures price, we need to consider all the factors which are likely to influence the market, which can include any or all of the following; the weather, disease, growing demand, the US dollar, export policies, import policies, and environmental issues such as bio-fuel and renewable energy sources. All of these will have an effect.

For the hard commodities and metals, we have a different set of factors to consider, with the ultimate safe haven status of gold, often closely associated with the risk on, risk off, appetite of investors, resulting in a close relationship to equities and the fortunes of the US dollar, along with the performance of treasuries and bonds. Silver of course, is an industrial metal, and whilst having a correlation with gold, also takes it’s lead from equity markets, which in turn dictate likely future demand for the commodity.

Crude oil of course, is another of the world’s leading natural resources, which is not only subject to many of the above factors, but also has a further unique, in the price manipulation regularly exerted by the OPEC group, as it seeks to leverage prices and control supply for its oil member states. To be successful in crude oil trading you have to understand this relationship, and many others. This is what makes online commodities trading such a challenge, and in many ways can be likened to a thesis or scientific study, since much of the analysis in not on the monthly or weekly price chart, but in your underlying assessment of the broader factors affecting the commodity in question.

Of course to start trading you need a reliable trading platform first. Our recommendation goes to the IronFX company, an award wining platform with ten different trading platforms for different commodities such as forex, precious metals, futures, cryptocurrencies and more. Visit their website to learn more.

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The Financial Risks Of Bitcoin Trading And Using Leverage

One of the most important things to understand with online currency trading is that you are usually not trading with your own money at a 1:1 basis, because if you were than the changes in exchange rates would not make that much of a difference to you. Instead, most bitcoin brokers will allow you to leverage your money at a 50:1 basis or sometimes even higher, which means that any increase or decrease in the exchange rate of the currency pair you are trading is magnified times 50.

However in most cases, even if a trade goes against you it is not going to be possible for you to lose more money than you funded your account with because if your capital gets too low then you will get “stopped out” of the market by a margin call. The margin call is a safety precaution that really has a bitcoin trader’s best interest at heart, since it makes it impossible for your account balance to become negative, but it also means that if you are trading without enough capital or you are over-leveraged then you might need to exit the market prematurely.

If your trading account ever hits a margin call level, this is an indication that you are either using a level of leverage that is too high for your trading balance, you are trading with too big of a lot size, or you are holding on to a losing position for too long. The good news is that each of these factors is within your control, and by following simple money management rules you can make sure that you preserve the integrity and security of your trading account. You can learn in details how to use leverage from this great online article on 100x leverage trading which is talking about trading bitcoins with BitMEX and using the leverage trading strategy.

One of the basic money management rules that crypto currency traders can use in order to safely trade with a high level of leverage is to only risk a certain percentage of your account balance on any given trade. Some traders stick with 5% as a level to risk for each trade, and more conservative traders may only risk 1-2% per trade. By developing a money management rule that works for your specific trading style you can reduce the risk that comes with leveraged bitcoin trading.

It is important to remember that crypto currency trading is on of the riskiest forms of trading out there mainly for the reason that every account is a margin account which is leveraged at a certain percentage that is decided by the trader. By learning about leverage in the financial market and how it can lead to a margin call on your account, you can make sure that you are always trading safely by following a number of rules that govern the amount of risk that you are taking on.

Benefits of High Risk Credit Card Processing

There are many factors responsible for increasing the risk of chargebacks. The top factors include the products or services offered, the sale method, the mode of processing the transaction, the countries where you sell and the average amount of monthly sales.

High risk credit card processing offers many benefits to high risk merchants. Here are a few top benefits.

Alluring revenue opportunities

High risk credit card processing is a boon to merchants who want to thrive in the global ecommerce community. Doing business online means it is possible to make sales to anyone, anywhere and at any time. Adding to this, the prospect of selling to customers in other currencies makes the revenue opportunities quite tempting. In contrary to this, a low risk merchant cannot process multiple currencies or sell to many countries outside including US, Canada, and Australia. So if you are for instance in the CBD products selling business you can easy get an CBD merchant account UK, CBD merchant account US or which ever region you want.

Endless earning opportunities

According to experts working in the offshore merchant account processing industry, the sky is the limit for merchants. On one side where low risk merchant accounts cannot offer recurring payments or sell any product or service they so wish, high risk merchants can grow their business by leaps and bounds. Allowing huge transactions mean the merchant needs fewer sales to earn more revenue. With the help of high risk business accounts, a merchant can sell anything they so desire.

No alarming chargebacks

The traditional merchant accounts assess a low chargeback fee but the long-term effects of low risk are quite damaging. The associated banks keep on monitoring the chargeback activities for businesses. If the chargeback threshold exceeds, the account may be simply terminated by the account holder. But on the other hand, a high risk merchant account is rarely terminated because of excessive chargebacks. As a merchant, you might pay heavy fines but the longevity of the business is not in danger.

It is obvious all business enterprises come with a fair amount of volatility. You can avoid a few of them if you are careful but some of them might be worth the gamble. A professional advice can help you avoid pitfalls and climb the ladder of success.

Same Day Cash Loans

These loans are the best when one is in urgent need of cash and going through catastrophic financial conditions. Same day cash loans are designed to meet urgent needs. Whether it is for personal or commercial purpose; it can easily find a solution for your temporary money shortage.

Some of the significant times when people might look upon same day cash loans are for buying a house or for its repairs and renovations, clearing dues or bills, any special occasion, emergencies or repairs etc. Due to its holistic approach here we present a detailed description on the same day cash loans.


Same day cash loans are small short term unsecured loans which provide you cash within short notice. These loans are best for unseen, unexpected temporary cash requirements. The loan is granted by the lender on the very same day. You can fill and file the application online without any hassles and get your loans approved within minutes and the fund is transferred the same day within 24 hours.

These loans are best when there is an unexpected expense and there is a short fall of funds and to add to your woes even payday is significantly far away. The need for extra funds can be managed by borrowing same day cash loans without any delays. So if you are facing a financial shortfall then same day loans are here to hold your hand in urgency.

The best part of these loans are that they do not require you to undergo the lengthy procedure that were associated with loans traditionally, these loans are available to you without fulfilling any paperwork, special formalities, credit checks, no pledging or mailing/ faxing anything.

The online applications have made it simple for us to apply and procure the loan without even stepping out of one’s comfort zone. Moreover these online lenders are available 24/7 so you can apply anytime.


There is some basic eligibility criteria that the borrower needs to qualify to avail the funds from same day cash loans. The borrower should be an adult citizen and should have bank account and should be employed and have regular source of income.

You should have a steady flow of funds and earn good source of income so that you can repay the loan amount. You should be have a permanent residential address and will have to provide you contact details. Once you fulfil these requirements, submit the filled up form online to apply for the same day cash loans.

Applying and Approval:

You can most conveniently apply for the Same day cash loans online, you need to fill a simple form where you are expected to provide your personal, bank and employment details and submit the form. The lender then processes the form and approves it. The decision is almost done instantly and conveyed to the applicant. Once you get your same day loan approved, the funds are transferred into your bank account the same day and you can withdraw them and manage your needs.