Facts About Fire Investigation

Twisted facts can compromise an investigation. It is a mistake to modify the data to suit a theory. Crime scene investigation is sensitive to prejudgment. However, nothing is more sensitive than a fire site. This element consumes everything as it grows. Due to this investigations get compromised. The scene gets further contaminated as the fire service department defuses the flame with water and other equipment. Such a scene is often related to more than one entity. Medical service, law enforcers, arson specialists, fire department and even insurance agents all get involved due to the nature of the crime.

Why Investigate?

Nothing represents more risk to humanity than fire. It is due to this from the ancient times people have feared this element and tried to find the cause that create an outbreak. In the ancient times the wooden walls and straw roof were exposed to the threat of flame. However, modern civilization is not immune from this threat. Although urban civilization is unfamiliar to the wooden walls and roofs made from dry straw, the electric wires are vulnerable to fire. Any moment and this can create an outbreak of blazes. If anything the investigation has become even more complicated as many components can start the flame.

Why Seek Professional Help?

Investigating a fire site is a complex matter. Without expertise of forensic investigators it is not possible to collect evidence from such a scene. Why is that? The only reason is without training one will not be able to identify the evidence. A considerable time is spent just to recognize the origin. Normally, the most affected part of the scene is the place where the flame has started from. Yet, to determine whether it an accident or arson requires knowledge and experience. In addition, the forensic investigation becomes more complex in case the flame has been larger. In such case, the element destroys everything including the source and origin.

Investigation Procedure

All details are required to be documented. Lot depends on this report as the investigators will use the information to dig deeper in to the matter. Everything is important in this type of case. The location, the people who are standing by, the cars that are passing by and even the smoke from the scene, everything should be documented for later use. Another important factor to notice is the weather condition. While in a dry weather a flame can breakout without assistance, in wet weather the incident will give rise to many questions.

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