Protect the invention for early commercialization

One thing that all inventors should realize is that when applying for a patent with the United States Patent and Trademark Office or USPTO is that it is not an easy process. In fact, the USPTO recommends hiring registered patent attorney to draft your patent application and to help you respond to communications from the USPTO on your application.

Innovative thinking can lead to products that create a new market or niche segment. There are many techniques to come up with new business ideas by improving existing products. You can periodically screen your products and comparing them with competitors’ products, with an eye toward improving attributes of products, combining the features/benefits of several separate products into a single new product.

Once you come up with great ideas, you need to prototype the concept. You can design your prototype using hand tools or CAD tools. If you use CAD software, you can use rapid prototyping tools to fabricate the prototype. There are also professional agencies you can hire for invention help and patenting your idea.

To provide exclusivity to your new idea, you should consider using intellectual property protection, typically through patenting. However, other forms of protection such as trademark, copyright and trade secret should be considered as well.

Also, if your invention is “in use” or “on sale” in the United States during the 12 month provisional-application pendency period and if you miss the the 12 month deadline to file a corresponding non-provisional application, you may lose the right to ever patent the invention due to your own use or sale of the invention.

Proper provisional applications take as much efforts as utility applications. Incorrectly prepared provisional applications may provide inventors with a false sense of security and may cause problems if inventors rely on incorrectly prepared provisional applications in publicly disclosing their inventions. To ensure that your patent application is properly drafted, a patent attorney or a patent agency, like InventHelp, should be hired to conduct the drafting.

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