The Invention Process

If you have a creative idea and you believe it could become a helpful, usable innovate and financially rewarding invention how do you get started?

First thing would be put your idea down on paper so you have a rough blueprint of your idea. Do not disclose your idea to anyone until you have seen a Patent Attorney or a Patent agency.

You may say a Patent Attorney is too expensive

However an initial consultation with a Patent Attorney will only take 30 minutes, most Patent Attorney’s will give you 30 minutes free so 30 minutes of your time with a Patent Attorney is little cost to find out whether your idea is patentable, or a registered design may be the answer depending on your idea. The Patent Attorney or a Patenting agency, such as InventHelp, will advise you how the system works.

The next thing you need is a non disclosure agreement

If you go with a Patent Attorney they will provide you with everything you need.

Why do you need a non disclosure agreement: – you need to keep your invention a secret until you have registered your provisional application for a Patent of your invention or you have made application and received a Registered Design both of these give you a priority date. A priority date is the date you will receive protection from if your Patent or Design Patent, Trademark is successful. Then with a non disclosure agreement you can divulge information to a prototype company.

You will need to have a prototype of your idea

Many inventors can make or fabricate their own prototype; it can be improvised so that it gets the idea over to whoever you want to show it to, so you can have a professional prototype designed from it for those skilled in the trade of making a finished marketable product.

If you cannot make a prototype of your idea there are companies that specialize in building or fabricating prototypes in virtually any material, metal, plastic etc. Some of these will be listed on The Inventors Showcase.

Once you have your Prototype

You have started your intellectual property protection and you have a non disclosure agreement you can now start the process of finding a manufacturer, a licensee (someone who makes your product under license) a marketer or sell your invention as you can see from this post on

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