The Three Most Popular Types Of Serving Trays

Serving trays have been much around in many homes, offices and many business establishments and have proven to be useful whether in many applications. For homes and offices, they are often used for entertaining guests and other situations which necessitate the use of a serving tray when bringing the beverages and food to serve. Manufacturers have created many types in order to cater to the distinct tastes of their target consumer segments. Basically, these trays are just made up of different materials which are designed, styled and customized to suit varied buyer needs and preferences. Knowing the popular kinds of serving tray might provide some useful information leading to a wise purchase. Listed below are the most common kinds which are very popular:

Plastic serving trays – they are mostly made of durable plastic resins which can withstand various kinds of bashing and abuse. They are often easy to wash and maintain. Several styles and designs with matching bright colors are widely available. The rectangular designs seem to be the most saleable among the other designs. Some of these types have beautifully crafted handles and there are those that do not. A plastic serving tray may cost between $20 up to $80 depending on their sizes.

Wooden serving trays – are mostly made of solid wood material which delivers a natural shade which makes the tray look elegant. These types of trays are among the most used kitchenware. They are usually carved and are made to appear exotic with their decorative carvings. They are also available in an array of sizes. They also appear in many appealing designs and also come mostly in rectangular shapes. They are also available in oval shapes and other contemporary designs.

Metal serving trays – as the name denotes, these trays are made up of metals which are crafted and shined to provide the most exotic look in a kitchenware. They can be the most expensive type to buy but they are also the most durable trays one could ever own. They can be available in silver, pewter and bronze metal. Silver serving trays are almost shined to perfection thereby giving that shiny mirror-like looks that adds a wholesome elegance. Another metal tray that has found its niche in the kitchenware market today is the galvanized tray. Being crafted to perfection gives it a nice value. In some styles, exotic engravings are being added in order to make the galvanized tray more luxurious, and when made tiered like the galvanized 3 tier tray, they look really exceptional. However though, some manufacturers offer designs which have anti-slip coating applied on the tray top because shiny metal surfaces tend to be slippery.

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